How to Play

This game can be adapted into a drinking or non-drinking game
Ages: 18 +
Players: 2 +
90 Cards in Deck


  • Take turns picking up a card and read the question to answer.
  • If player does not provide a confident answer within a minute, it will result to overthinking.
  • Once the player answers the question, the remaining players ask “why” that kind of answer was provided.
  • If the “why” reasoning towards the player’s answer results to overthinking, the player drinks (for a non-drinking game - player gets a point for overthinking).
  • Resulting to overthinking is based on majority rules by remaining players.
  • The player with the most points for overthinking loses the game. Points can be tallied through someone’s phone or by pen and paper.
  • Please drink responsibly if deciding to use Don't Overthink It drinking game option.


If a conversation expands from a player’s answer, go with the flow of it! Conversations can lead to great memories.
Have fun!